Sunday, November 25, 2012

DIY Caviar Manicure

Texture lately is all the rage. So when I came across this "Caviar Manicure" by Ciate, I knew I had to find a way to give myself one. I wasn't up for spending 25 bucks on the kit, so I searched around for cheaper DIYs and came across a simple solution. Microbeads. 
You can buy them at pretty much any craft store. The ones I found were Martha Stewart brand and came with a set of 12 colours. There are other brands and sets, so search around a bit. (the how to is below, next to the third picture!: ) )

How to:
-First apply one coat of nail polish and then a thicker second coat.
-Sprinkle the beads onto the wet second coat and press them into it. You can put as many beads as you want and as many different colours too!
That's all!
I didn't use a top coat because I heard that it took the colour out of the beads, but I'm not really sure if that's true or not. I guess it could depend on the topcoat.

Give these nails a try, they're super simple and are reallllly cute! And a little bit weird. : D
(Nailpolish: Essie Exotic Liras, Beads: Martha Stewart Microbeads Garnet and Blue Topaz)


  1. okay...... i am obsessed with this! I can't wait to grow my nails out longggg again!!!

    thanks for the inspiration!

    your pen pal

    polly :)

  2. Cute! I wanna try this sometime too. Did you have any problems getting the nail polish off though?

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah it's super fun, you should definitely try it
    And it's not too bad to take off, it seems to me like it's easier than glitter! Just put the nail polish remover on it and you can kind of just scrape the beads off : )

  4. Wow really creative and so cute!