Monday, November 12, 2012

Beach Hair Spray

So this summer I was searching all over for ways to give your hair those perfect beachy waves. Since I live nowhere near the ocean, I had to find a way to get that wavy.. well.. messiness (yeah, okay, so I love messy hair).
I came across something called True Blue Malibu Waves Spray at Bath and Body. So of course.. I had to get some.
And it does work pretty well, giving your hair that scrumptious summery island smell as well.

However, if you don't want to spend anything, you can make a spray that in my opinion, is just as good.
I found several recipes on the internet for beach hair spray, and ended up just making my own spin of it.

There are three basic ingredients:
-coconut oil
(oh and a spray bottle!)

Start out by filling the spray bottle about 3/4 of the way with water.
Then put 1 tablespoon of salt in. You can add more if you want. The more salt, the more waves (and also the drier your hair will be, so keep that in mind).
Now I didn't have any coconut oil sitting around, but I did have coconut scented oil (ha ha). I put a couple of drops of that in, mixed it up, and wala!
It takes hardly any ingredients, is easy to make, and makes your hair smell and look like you just came from the sea! So give it a try! (even if it is almost winter, I still love it)

< here's my crazy messy hair after I used the spray!

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