Saturday, December 1, 2012

Late Autumn

The weather today felt perfect. It was slightly chilly, but not too bad, and everything was just so pretty. I can hardly believe that autumn is almost over. Christmas is right around the corner... crazy! I know I'll miss the leaves and the cold air, but I can't help but look forward to cozy nights listening to Bon Iver and watching the snow fall. 
I love this song so much, I think it's beautiful. I've been listening to it a lot this fall, especially at night    (you'll see, it's just a nighttime kind of song!)
Young Guns - Moonlight Bride

Here are some photos of my outfit today!

I love wearing my cardigan/blanket coat when it's a little chilly out. It's so snuggly and warm.

shirt - Urban Outfitters
cardigan - Urban Outfitters
shoes -
necklace - borrowed from a friend, Express

Hope everyone is having a lovely time!

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