Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY popsicle stick bracelets

So I've been seeing these popsicle stick bracelets lately on the internet, and I decided to try to make them myself. It's super easy and they look really cute!
What you'll need:
-popsicle/craft stick (you can get these at most craft stores)
-cup or glass filled with water
-acrylic paint and paintbrushes
-anything else you want to decorate the bracelet
First of all, take a popsicle stick/wooden craft stick and get both ends of it wet. This is so it will bend and go in the cup without breaking. Then slowly bend it into the cup and slide it all to the bottom. Let it sit in the bottom of the cup for awhile (I left it in for about an hour, though you might be able to leave it in for less). Then, without taking the popsicle stick/bracelet out, pour the water out of the cup. Now let it stay in the cup until it is completely dry. Then you can take it out and paint or decorate it! 

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