I picked up a Fisheye No. 2 camera last week on Black Friday! I'll post the pictures as soon as I finish up the roll and get them developed: )

I recently received a new film camera for my birthday-yay! It's a Fujifilm instant camera and pretty much works like a Polaroid. Exxceeeppt, the pictures are business card sized. Which is super fun.

Mah camera!
From left to right- Hooper, my cat, Polly Bland and I (she's my brother's girlfriend, and she took me on a photo shoot the day this photo was taken!), my friend, Andria, and I, my grandma and I, and my Royal Futura typewriter!

I took all of these with my lovely Holga. I really like how they turned out (especially the light leaks)

I found this cool place behind one of my favorite restaurants in Monticello, The Brown Bag.
This was also in Monticello, back by the bike trail.

My gorgeous friend, Mariel, enjoying summertime at the lake.

I took this right next to my house, and that's my brother! I really love the crazy light leak in this one.

Easter eggggsssssssssssss
My brother on his beloved White Rhino

This is an accidental double exposure! It's pretty weird 'cause well it's my kitchen table and a flower, haha. But I don't know, for some reason I like it : D

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